There’s liquid gold in those hills

San Diego lies on the same parallel as most of the Mediterranean .  This means that we share a common climate, “sunny and 72”,  also similar crops grow well in both locations.  This includes olives which is the subject of today’s blog post.

Olives were originally planted in the San Diego area by Spanish missionaries during the 18th Century.  Olive trees are being planted to replace avocado trees, because they require less water to grow and bear fruit.  Commercial production of olive oil has never been a large endeavor in this area.  Most of the production was enough for family and maybe some friends.  This has changed in recent years with the opening of Ramona Gold,  Their website is not only a source to purchase their delicious oil,  but also a great resource on all things olive oil.  I learned a great deal about planting and caring for olive trees, and thought about maybe trying it for myself.

The Temecula Olive Oil Company, ,is another great source of olive oil.  While Temecula and the area where the olives are grown are not part of San Diego county, we are going to make an exception in this case.  They sell their olive oils online and in tasting rooms, one being in Old Town San Diego.

Olive Oil tastes great and is amongst the healthiest of all cooking oils.  Most people myself included can use more olive oil in our diets.  Ramona Gold and Temecula Olive Oil are both great ways to include it in our lives. Look forward to hearing from my interested readers.

What is Liquid San Diego?



What is Liquid San Diego?  Liquid San Diego is my blog about all the liquids in and around San Diego county.  At this point you are probably thinking San Diego is a pretty dry place, and as far as water goes you are right.  There are plenty of other liquids around.

We live in an area that has more breweries that just about anywhere else.  Heck we even have a road that’s called the “hop highway”.  That’s far from the only liquids around.  San Diego has 7 distilleries producing a variety of distilled beverages.  While San Diego county has only a few wineries,  there are many only a short drive away.

In addition to the alcoholic liquids, there are plenty that contain no alcohol.  The same areas that produce wine are also rich in olive oil.  Water though scarce from the sky can also be had in many locals.  Whether they be in the form of the ocean or a local lake full of fish.  We also have a huge desalinization plant producing drinking water for the area.

Followers of this blog have a lot to look forward to.  Liquid San Diego will be a fluid exploration of all things liquid in San Diego. Watch this space for more.